Friday, November 23, 2012

Where the magic happens...

Ever wonder what artists' studios look like? I do - studio tours are one of those things I really love. So here's a peak into some of the studios of our AJE team members.

Here's one side of my space (recently rearranged and not yet finished):


I'm really fortunate that I have a lot of natural light. Under the windows is a two-level metal working set up. The higher table is where I do soldering and sawing; waiting to be set up is a Dremel drill press and a grinding/polishing machine my best friend got me for my birthday. Underneath is an old TV stand which holds boxes of focal beads, metal sheet, and wire. The next level down is where I do my metal working, pounding, polishing and form-folding. (You can't see my vise, which is bolted to the table and is hidden by the chair.) I have a second bench pin there to brace things against when I'm using my flex shaft, placed right between the two levels so I can use it in both places. The wheelie chair lets me roll from station to station.

To the right of the metal station is a small table which holds the TV, modem, and wireless network stuff. In front of that is a rolling cart that holds a bunch of miscellaneous stuff. Behind the metal station is another table that I use for layouts and final fabrication. Right now it's covered with bags of wire that I'm sorting through. The whole thing needs a thorough cleaning - and there's more to show, but I'll hold off on a complete studio reveal until the reorganization is complete.

Jo Tinley works in this beautiful space, an 8 x 12 workshed in her garden:

She has a whole blog post up about it, which you can check out here if you want to see more.

Linda Landig works in this pretty space, complete with a gorgeous old printers cabinet. It was a gift from her wonderful husband, and she's mighty partial to it - and the entire AJE team covets it in the nicest possible way. (In fact, I suggested I might swing by her place next time she goes out of town and she suggested she might sic zombies on me!)

Jenny Davies-Reazor loves her glazing fort - in fact, her whole studio is her sanctuary. She's able to work in it for three seasons out of the year, but in the coldest months, she moves into her dining room. 

So there's a little glimpse into where some of us spend our time creating - hope you enjoyed it! From our studios to your hearts, happy holidays!


This post is part of the Art Jewelry Elements 2012 Holiday Open House. 

Art Jewelry Elements team members are offering special deals in their online shops to AJE readers starting today and going through Cyber Monday (November 26). You can see the complete list of participating members and details about the discounts here.

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  1. I really love the wood cabinet with all of the drawers! Thanks for sharing your spaces!

  2. I love seeing everyone's spaces, thanks for sharing.

  3. I just sit on the couch boy am I lame!

  4. Your studio looks lovely so colourful and what a lovely space to work in with all your tools and materials around you to inspire the beautiful unique jewellery designs that you produce

  5. Studio spaces are SO cool - I love seeing into them too!


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