Monday, August 8, 2016

My Next Adventure - Loom Beading

In my never-ending need to *make* something, but not necessarily glass beads, I have decided upon my next lesson - Loom Beading.  I purchased this Rick's Beading Loom from Melinda Orr a long time ago - I mean, a loooooooong time ago, like maybe a year ago? And never even opened it up because there aren't 86 hours in a day.

The idea was that when I had time, and didn't feel like making glass beads, I could string this thing up and get busy making cool bracelets.  I even purchased all the beads from Fusion Beads to make this Alegrado bracelet:

Here are all the beads from the kit - a treasure trove! And I probably have beads that could be substituted for all of these, but you know, buying a kit seems lot easier...

I was perusing the Fusion Beads web site one day, and came across this kit by Glass Garden Beads:

 These are the beads included in this kit, which is a beginner kit and uses Ladder Stitch.

While I'm pretty sure I could handle ladder stitch, to me this would also look good on a loom, and since the project I bought (Alegrado Bracelet) is actually an *Advanced* kit, I thought this might be a better place for me to start!

I also purchased this book from Amazon, Guide to Beading with a Loom by Jamie Cloud Eakin.

I had the idea I wanted to make some bracelets with fiber, and woo hoo, there's a project in the book that will allow me to do that as well!

So, have I started this new project yet?  No.  Because as I mentioned, there are not 86 hours in a day.  My son goes to college at the end of August, so I am thinking with an empty house I may have more time to start loom beading.  I will let you know when I finish my first project!

Susan Kennedy


  1. I am SO intrigued! I too have a loom that a friend gave me free from an estate sale hoard she stumbled on... I want to get graph paper and start planning designs... oh year - after Beadfest when I make the days have 86 hours. LOL

  2. Susan, I wish you luck with your first looming adventure. I love looming but like you there is not enough time to do it all. Right now I'm bead weaving but have a couple of loom projects I want to do. Now how do we stretch those hours for crafts. I hope you enjoy your new adventure.

  3. Would love to have a go at the fibre ones :P

  4. Ooooh, I can't wait to see what you create when you finally get the time!


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