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Ice and Fire? Jewelry is coming...

It's no secret I am a "fan" of many things. From Star Trek to Tolkien... and including Game of Thrones. I have read all the books. They are dark, and layered, and ominous, and they ensnared me. I watch the TV show, I listen to podcasts - some with spoilers, some without. I eagerly await the next book from George R. R. Martin... sigh. I even subscribe to a few theories as to what may happen, to whom...

And I am captivated by the details. It started way back  (Season 1?) with this ring:
Lucy Jade Sylvester on Instagram
Sansa Stark ( played by Sophie Turner)  seen on HBO's Game of Thrones
Sansa Stark wore it at King's Landing, when she was young and naive and enthralled by the power and trappings of the royal city... The piece is the creation of Lucy Jade Sylvester, a UK jeweler. This took quite a trip down the internet rabbit hole to discover. Not that HBO is hiding their collaborations with artists - but this intrepid blogger found it out. I find her work inspired, exquisite and utterly enchanting. 

Lucy Jade Sylvester, Since completing an MA at Birminghams School of Jewelry  has been working from her Oxfordshire studio. In her own words:
"I walk in the countryside to collect delicate seedheads and insects, I'm interested in finding things that would decay into the ground, turning them into precious wearable objects. With climate change affecting our wildlife, my work may become a record for the future of the insect and plant life we have today."
Game of Thrones has a history of highly detailed costumes and great attention to details. Michelle Carragher is an artist that does embroidery work for costumes. You can read all about her work and see the amazing narrative and symbolic pieces.

Now speaking of symbolic - this  is a statement piece only the "Mother of Dragons" could wear... Designed by Yunis and Eliza it appears to have removable elements. The designers website does not list eh piece, but it was featured in Bazaar magazine. (Link in caption)
Jewelry designer Yunus & Eliza partnered with GoT Costume Designer Michele Clapton to create a sterling silver neck sculpture for June/July BAZAAR cover girl Emilia Clarke. The London-based art jeweler hand-carved the customized piece for Clarke's character, Daenerys Targaryen, clearly paying homage to the Mother of Dragons.

Now since we are talking of ice and fire, silver and gold... Bill and Christina Steenson are Irish jewelers, working from their studio in Glenarm, Co. Antrim, Ireland. In their words:  "We have been delighted to work on numerous pieces for the HBO blockbuster production Game of Thrones, a series which any fan will know, is filmed extensively in Northern Ireland and in particular the Antrim coast has featured often as 'The North'. 

Far removed from our contemporary, clean lined designs, creating costume pieces for the drama is an exciting challenge for us. It is a rare opportunity to work on a larger scale and showcase modelling and metal-craft skills to an exceptional standard. As a craftsperson, artist and a keen reader of the books (eagerly awaiting Winds of Winter) it is exhilarating to see pieces you have meticulously crafted come to life in a theatrical and flamboyant way. Here are just some of our creations, do you recognise any…?
Stepsons designs: Cerise's locket, Joffrey and Margery's crowns, Sansa's necklace. 
Although rather different in style - Steenson's also designed the three headed dragon brooches for Daenerys and her brother Viceroys. If you watch the show - you can recognize the foreshadowing... as these wore worm in Season 1 before ( spoilers!)... before Daenerys' three dragons hatched! 
Steenson's design for the Targaryen dragon brooch
I wanted to share one other find with you - not jewelry WORN on the show, but pieces created in collaboration between HBO and the Canadian company Pyrrha. Known for their cast pendants utilizing antique wax seals, they have a new line showcasing the House seals from the Game of Thrones houses. I have always liked their work; the synthesis of the organic edges and the symbolism in their stamp motifs. I think these are a fun way to show your fandom and support a small business/jeweler! 

Whether you are a GoT fan or not - thanks for sharing my excitement. I love being introduced to new and fabulous jewelers, creating unique and inspired pieces.  Please check out the links below for more information on the artists featured here. Until next time: Valar Morghulis. 
Lucy Jade Sylvester: website
Yunis and Eliza: website
Steenson's Jewelers: website
Pyrrha website

Special thanks to Fashionista articles here and here. 
All images are the copyright of the artist. Please credit appropriately. 


  1. thanks for sharing such interesting information about GOT. Its fascinating to look at the individual designer's work from an entertainment perspective

  2. Oh you temptress...I want it all!

    1. Lucy Jade Sylvester is on my Bucket list. Totally.

  3. Super cool post, Jenny! Thanks for sharing! Love the show and the costuming too so this was fun.

  4. Your post made mw want to watch GOT.


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