Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015 Component of the Month Reveal

Hi and welcome to the February Component of the Month Challenge/Blog Hop! I had the honor of providing the components for this month, and I chose to create metal clay pieces. After getting a kiln last year, I have been playing with copper and white copper metal clay and am really loving it. For this COM, I decided to carve a rubber stamp and used it as a starting point for all the pieces. It all started with this drawing...

As much as I loved the dots around the design, the carving tool wouldn't really work for them. For the metal clay pieces with extra holes, I used a drill bit while the clay was leather dry.

I hope you will go and show some love to those who have created designs using them!
Here are the participants.

Guest Participants:

Michelle Mach
Patty Miller
Divya N

AJE team:

Jenny Davies-Reazor
Susan Kennedy
Melissa Meman
Rebekah Payne
Lindsay Starr
Kristen Stevens
Francesca Watson
Lesley Watt


  1. I absolutely adore your copper clay work. So original.

  2. Hi Melissa,
    I love the flower design and am so happy to have been chosen to participate this month. I wondered where to purchase the material to carve into to make your original stamps? I do metal etching and would love to do that with some designs. Thanks for everything.

    1. Patty, I got the rubber and the carving tool at Michaels... They are in the print making section near painting supplies.

  3. I love the flower design Melissa! It was neat hearing about you deciding on the design and then carving it.

  4. I loved seeing your beautiful design and how you turned it into those stunning components and what a beautiful job you made of it, Fab hop lots of real treasures!


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