Saturday, October 19, 2013

Inspiration from...your closet!?

Happy Saturday, Dear Readers!  I have to admit, I have been pretty uninspired lately.  One would think that after getting back from a super-wonderful experience like ArtBliss, where inspiration and creativity is abundant, that my mind would be swimming with ideas, and I would be totally ready to jump in and work.  Yeah, I thought that as well, but it seems my mind had other ideas!  My day job (unfortunately, I have to keep it for insignificant expenses, like mortgage, groceries, and insurance)  has ramped up and I have had to take some work home with me in the evenings and weekends. I addition, we have had some unfortunate events in the home...needed new fridge, leaking water heater to be replaced, so, when I have free time, it must go to my family first.  When creative time has presented itself lately, I sit and stare at my work table, fondle favorite beads, and sigh! I got nothing!

A few days ago, I was standing in my closet, trying to find something to wear for work.  It was one of those in-between weather days, and I pulled about an old blouse that I hadn't worn in a while, but it is a favorite. Kind of a hippy, big-sleeved knit blouse that is very soft, and has big stripes of different patterns and colors can tell by the worn look of the fabric that I love it!  Every time I wear it, I think, "I should create something with these colors". Ding, ding, ding!

A cross sample of the patterns in this old blouse I is a bit worn!
So today, I am setting a challenge to myself to get off my behind and create something, anything, using this blouse for inspiration!  The shapes and colors always get me!

Here are some things I already have on hand that I might use...

Faceted agate, Czech glass, polymer clay by me (my first attempt!), SueBeads lampwork, my torch-fired enamel.
I need to find something in the deeper russet hue as well.  A challenge, yes?

Wait, I still have Lesley's Component of the Month, as I wasn't able to complete that design.  That might be a key component!

Well, I better get to work!  In 2 weeks, for my next post, I will show you what I created from my old hippy blouse from the back of the closet!

Hmmm...just remembered this skirt!  I always think the flower designs will be cool to recreate in copper wire?  Maybe.....

Melissa Meman


  1. Wonderful post. Finding inspiration in your clothes closet-what a great idea! I love how you showed what you created from your inspiration and I also really like your polymer clay beads-well done!

  2. Great idea! I'll be looking forward to seeing the results...meanwhile, I think I'll do a little closet cleaning myself! Like you, I have a day job, and very little time for crafting, so it's good to feel inspired by someone who understands my life!

  3. What a great idea Melissa and a great bunch f beads you've already picked out and the pod is just right. Looking forward to seeing the finished article.

  4. I can't believe that polymer heart is your first attempt! You're a ringer, haha! It's gorgeous, I love the ombre effect of the colors, and the folded look, and the swirls!! Can't wait to see what you create.

  5. I too love your heart. Great post. Can't wait to see what you create.

  6. Melissa I love your poly clay pieces and of course your enamel. I so often use my closet for inspiration!!!


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