Sunday, May 20, 2012

Art Jewelry Buzz: Chasing the Ancient Look on a Budget (Mostly)

After my post two weeks ago about Ancient Beads, I thought I would explore sources to help achieve a bit of the look and feel of ancient beads without spending a fortune. For the most part, these are "trade" or other ethnic beads from around the world, most not truly "ancient", but very rustic and old feeling. Some are truly ancient, and at a reasonable price.

Here's a few shopping links you might find interesting...enjoy!

Soul of Somanya
(Thanks for this link Genea!)


LOTS to explore here...

The Bead Chest 
Too many links to list! The home page here has an excellent set of links on the left side:


  1. Thanks Karen....these are all great resources. They all have that time worn look that I am loving right now.

  2. WONDERFUL!! I love all these old beads, Happy Mango is one I've purchased from before and they are great!! The other 2 are new to me, off to explore! Thank you Karen!

  3. What a great selection..all so beautiful. I love old. Off to explor, too.

  4. Hi Karen,
    Thank you for sharing the links these sites. I am going to look at all the great beads, I may even buy.

  5. LOVE! This last site looks very interesting, can't wait to check it out. I really like Happy Mango, that's where I've bought nearly all my Tuareg stuff - not real Tuareg silver but pewter, but still lovely. Thanks for sharing Karen!

  6. Great post Karen, thanks for sharing these sites! I love Happy Mango too, that's where I've gotten most of my Tuareg crosses and Ethiopian stuff - not real Tuareg silver but pewter but still very very nice. I'm gonna go check out this last site, looks very cool!

  7. Loving the bead porn! Thanks for the links!!!!

  8. Great links! I already knew about Happy Mango (and have spent $$$ there) but didn't know about the others.


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