Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Years Resolutions - 6 Months in

Can you believe it’s mid year all ready? The time has flown by and I’ve heard mention of the “C” word already! 

This week, I’ve been thinking about my January post where members of the AJE team shared their plans for the New Year. Today, I thought I’d catch up with everyone and see whether we’ve stuck to our plans, failed miserably or ended up somewhere completely different! 

Where has this year taken you so far?

Lesley Watt

Good progress with the components with more original and thematic designs... Dipped toe with the sketching and larger clay pieces but still want to do more...I've not made that much jewellery but what I have made has been more technique based...No progress on books yet. 
Ceramic Components

Art Journalling

Ceramic Sculpture and dish

Designs by TheaJewellery

Jenny Davies-Reazor

My year has been productive! New experiments and a new series developing of pendants in porcelain. New tile designs being ads to the Mythic Nature line. And shows, many shows. I have been neglecting the personal/inspirational side of things. My pile of books is no smaller, but Ive been reading plenty of fiction. My artists journal got stalled due to travel and shows. At mid year I am reevaluating and trying to reinstate my journal practice and give myself permission to read!
Reading Pile!

Ceramic Tiles 

Selling at shows

Linda Landig

-My first goal was to continue developing my skill in ceramics. I'm doing that.-Next goal was to get a feeling for my personal style in ceramics. That's def going to take more time.-Did some drawing in Oaxaca, as planned.-Haven't done much in the way of wire work, except to have made a small supply of handmade ear wires, while in Oaxaca.
Ceramic components



Karen Totten

What resolutions? I made resolutions? ::blink::
Karen’s intentions for this year were to get back to daily art journalling, but that was sidetracked when she started a new job in UX Design. It sounds fantastic and she gets to hang out with some pretty cool co-workers! 

Awesome Co-Workers

Rebekah Payne

Things are coming along for me.
Slower than I'd hoped, but progress is progress and I can't complain! New leather stuff is finally happening! No new critters yet, but I have been making new beads… and old beads in new colors to change things up a bit. Right now I'm really focused on efficiency and I'm designing beads around that idea. I'm very patient when it comes to art, but long production time is limiting to me. My goal is still the same: maintain what I'm currently doing and get more time for fun (non-bead related fun once in a while is nice!) and family.

The production Line

Leather Components

New bead designs

Susan Kennedy

A water disaster turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I was able to do a few things in my house that would not have gotten done otherwise. That prompted a large garage clean out and some other rooms were organized as well. Still searching for the creativity muse that's hid somewhere.
Clearing Spaces

New Designs 
Stunning Lampwork

Francesca Watson

I haven't made time for the drawing class I wanted to take, but otherwise I feel like I'm making lots of progress towards the other goals. I spent a whole week with Connie Fox at our retreat in March digging into the elements of design - it has profoundly changed my working process and style. I also walked through a process with her of discovering what I'm trying to say with my work - it was an intensely personal and eye-opening experience and I feel freer in my creative efforts than I ever have. As a result, I've gotten much better about scheduling and protecting my creative time, maybe because I'm enjoying it more.
Developing Styles

Hand Forging with silver
Jennifer Stout Cameron

I haven't really accomplished any of those goals as I have been too focused on getting straight A's in my college classes towards an art degree and not neglecting my family too much. However, I signed up for a drawing class for the fall semester (it helps that it's required I take drawing classes to get an art degree). I did talk to my advisor about the fact I do not have any drawing skills and that my artwork up until now has been mainly glass and metals which did not require I even be able to draw a stick figure. As for balancing school, home and studio time, that hasn't happened at all. As for journaling, I have started a bullet journal, which has helped contain everything plus encourages me to journal a few days a week.
Bullett Journal

Wall Planner

 Melissa Allford Meman

The only goal I met was continuing to play with metal clay! I didn't get a chance yet to try cloissone, but do have Pam East's Enameling on Copper Clay DVD and am getting ready to experiment with that. My personal blog has not improved!

More metal clay

Designing with handmade components

And for me? 

Caroline Dewison

Well getting back to sketching lasted for an entire drawing, I like it though and it feels good to get things out of your system when you need to. I've played with metal clay, although I was only brave enough to try out some bronze, the silver is still in the packet.  I’ve cranked up the pottery wheel and managed to practise a few times, I even produced a wobbly cup! And being more organised… well I don’t think that’s ever going to happen! I have plan in place for the rest of the year though, and that's to keep practising on my wheel and creating bigger work. I have a new kiln on the way so I can fire larger items... we'll see how that works out in another six months!

Sketching with pastels

Creating with Bronze Clay

Wobbly cup

I think we've all done pretty well so far!

So how about you, our readers? Have you managed to stick to your plans? let us know how your resolutions are working out so far in the comments!


  1. What a great post. I loved reading how everyone is doing with their goals.

  2. Interesting post, love what everyone is doing. I don't make New Years resolutions because I found I never kept them BUT last November I read an article in a local magazine about a gal that was giving jewelry classes in her garage in the summer working with metal. I signed up this spring and am really enjoying it. There are 10-12 of us in class and each week we make something different. I'll be on week 4 next week so have 8 more classes to go. It's so much fun being with some like minded individuals although most of them have never made jewelry before.

  3. Loved this post, it is so interesting to see what everyone is doing, I don't tend to make New Year resolutions as such either but I did promise myself I would get beck to painting and also branch out this year into something new for me with the jewellery, well the painting is going just fine but apart from some new braids I have not been designing jewellery so much I guess you can't do everything!!


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