Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Share - Design With Me, Part 2

Welcome to Saturday Share!  A couple of weeks ago, in my last Saturday Share post, I divulged my proclivity toward procrastination. Combine that with my lack of focus and occasional inability to follow through and you get a lot of unfinished projects cluttering the work bench.  Hmm, as I recall, "focus" was supposed to be my "word" for 2013!  So, in an effort to overcome this short-coming, I decided to publicly announce my intention to finish the unfinished.

Here is the project I decided to tackle for today's post.

Sue Kennedy's beads are so beautiful....that color combination is so yummy.  I had this bright idea,  fabricated and enameled the 2 flowers to start the design, and...and...but you know the rest of the story!

Fast forward to today, 2 weeks later...

Guess when I finished it. (whistling, looking around sheepishly)  Right!  At the very last minute.  I'm actually not that thrilled with it.  I mean, I love the colors and the combination of Sue's beads and my enamel, and I like the idea, but I think the frame is wonky, and there is too much negative space.  I like my clasp a lot is one of those that don't turn out like you expect, but are organically cool!

I do want to make a pair of earrings like the dangle, and I still have more SueBeads for a bracelet or another design, but I will procrastinate on those for another day ;)

Okay, now it is your turn.  I challenged you to pull out one or two of your unfinished, dusty, pitiful, lonely designs and get to work!  Did you? If you met my challenge, did you wait til the last minute to finish?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Link your blog below and show us your fabulous work!

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  1. This is gorgeous, love the colors of your flowers.

  2. I thought it was worth the wait! I love it.

  3. I like it! I see what you mean about the frame wire, though. Negative space isn't bad in itself, but in this case it is quite linear. Maybe you could gently curve each straight section of the frame wire so it has a more organic look and physically pulls the enameled pieces closer together. Or twine some smaller-gauge ball-end copper pieces around the frame wire like tendrils, which will soften it and echo the spirals. Neat piece! Sometimes we do our best work when there's a deadline.

    1. Anne, these are really great ideas.

    2. Thanks for the ideas! I am definitely going to play with it!

  4. I love what you design! You are amazing, Melissa.

  5. I haven't completed my necklace yet, but the day is young. I did manage to buy a chain yesterday that I felt I needed to finish it with.
    My basic problem was I was lacking a few items to finish what I planned. I just need the time and some sun for a photo.

    Stay tuned for progress or lack of.

  6. Nice, I like it! a bracelet and earrings will sure complete the set :)

  7. I think the piece is wonderful. I really didn't notice the negative space until you mentioned it. I really like Anne's ideas. Before I read her comment I was thinking if the neg. space bugs you, what about adding a couple more small dangles between your enameled flowers. But I think I like Anne's idea of bending the frame wire some to make it a bit less linear. That simple tech nique could be all the fix you'll need to feel great about the overall piece. TFS! It's good to know I'm not the only one not thrilled when I finish something I'm created.

  8. I don't see the negative space issue. Everything you did looks just gorgeous to me.

  9. I'm embarrassed to say that I am STILL not done! I could not get the patina I wanted on the bronze piece. I got sidetracked when I decided to organize the mess in my "findings" box. My daughter was a bad influence.......ummm....the dog ate my homework. How's that??? I do love your colors and that clasp. You did a great job and even if it was last minute, at least you completed it. SIGH

  10. FInished mine! Love the enameled flowers!

    You know, if you're looking to spice up the negative space, you could just add another piece of copper to vine around and in between the flowers. :)

  11. A beautiful piece, I love it just the way it is!

  12. If you do this again I promise to participate! I love love love your necklace!!!


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