Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Whimsical Work

I'm about to start packing up my studio and office to get ready for my move to New York (Colin got a new job) but before I do that, I wanted to make one more batch of work for my shop.  Apparently I needed to make fun & silly pieces right now.

Forming the shell
I decided to start with some stoneware snails.  The first step in making these is to form their shell.  I roll a ball of clay and then flatten the back by gently tapping it with a wood block.

Carving the shell
I set the shell aside for a few minutes so it can dry just a tad.  I then go back and carve my spiral design into each side.

Forming a wire antenna
While the shell continues to dry, I cut and form some little antennae from high-fire wire. 

Almost a snail
The body is then formed from another piece of clay, rolled into a log and then shaped further.  The antennae are then inserted on top of the head.

Oh My!
My favorite part is giving each snail their eyes and silly expression!

Scoring the shell
Once the body is finished, it is time to attach the shell.  I score the bottom of the shell and the top of the snail, add a bit of water and gently press them together.

Greenware Snail
And here he is prior to any clean-up with a sponge.  After he gets sponged, he'll be bisque-fired, glazed and then final-fired.  I can't wait to see how he turns out.  

Little Buggy Face
I also made a little buggy face guy.  Wish I had time to make more of these before the move!

And then there were these ridiculous things...

Funny Face Wearing Underpants
I decided it was about time I gave my funny face beads some bodies.  This guy is wearing some underpants and slippers!  I'll fill in their joints with beads so that they aren't stumpy when they come to life.

Funny Face With T-Shirt
And this guy is wearing a t-shirt!  I think they'll make fun ornaments but if I can make them a bit smaller, they might even work as pendants for people that want to let their silly show!

I'll finish these pieces up during the week, list what I can in my Etsy and then pack up the studio and get ready to move!

Happy Beading!


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