Saturday, May 24, 2014

Make Your Own ~ Beaded Drop Feather Earrings

Hello again! I don't know about you, but certainly for me, every time I have a lot of work that needs doing, I find there are so many other things I'd like to do instead. That "lot of work" right now is a big heap of beads that's waiting for paint. Not that I don't like painting—I absolutely love it! But it's a big job and involves many hours of meticulous work. And while I'm busily painting away, my mind wanders on to all those other ideas I have for new beads and jewelry.

One thing is for sure, I really want to make more jewelry! Happily, I've been able to consistently work towards that goal this year and it's been so wonderful to get back into it again… but equally as fun, is sharing how I make my new jewelry with others!

So… here you go! Another tutorial for you—this time for earrings…

Supplies you'll need:
- earwires (a very minor ;-) detail that I left out of my photo!)
- 24 gauge wire
- 11/0 beads (I used iris gray)
- two 6mm round beads (I used turquoise howlite)
- two 8/0 beads (I used oxblood)
- two tiny brass spacers
- a pair of painted leather feathers

Tools you'll need:
- tape measure
- wire cutters
- round-nose pliers
- flat-nose pliers
- bent-nose pliers
- glue

1. Start by cutting a length of 24 gauge wire about 10-12 inches long. Make a wrapped loop on one end and string on a 6/0 bead, a brass spacer, and a 6mm round.

2. Cut a second length of wire and repeat step 1. I like to work my earrings simultaneously to keep them matching.

3. Decide how long you want your finished loop to be and string the 11/0 beads onto both wires. I went 2 inches long with the 11/0 beads, but you can go whatever length you prefer, just be sure to cut a long enough wire to complete the next steps.

4. Bend the wire at a right angle about 5mm from the last bead—this will give you some wiggle room to form a nice loop without the beads looking all bunched up.

5. Bend the wire around to form a loop and wrap a few times.

6. Using the same wire, wrap down over the top of the beads about halfway down the loop.

7. Wrap back over the top, creating two layers of wire wrappings. Cross over to the other side, again wrapping down halfway and then back up. Finish off by wrapping tightly beneath the 6mm round and trim.

8. Follow steps 4 through 7 to create the second beaded loop.

9. Add the feathers—put a dot of glue on the tip, fold over and wrap tightly with 24 gauge wire. Hang from earwires and your done!

Wishing you a happy and creative Saturday!


  1. Love the way you've wrapped the wire down the seed beads!

  2. Great tutorial using your beautiful feathers. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful!! Especially love the wonderful messy beaded and wrapped bails.

  4. These are so lovely! Thanks for the tut!

  5. I. Love. These. Earrings!!!! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. I totally need to get some feathers one of these days

  6. Exactly what Jen said!!!!!

  7. These are really cool! I love your beaded loops and how you wrapped them. The painting on the feathers is gorgeous, I love that little vivid splash of turquoise.

  8. Beautiful feather earrings collection. Amazing!



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