Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rings & Things Trunk Show-Hanover, NJ

Yesterday, my mom and I went over to the Rings & Things trunk show so I could load up on gemstones.  It's not like I NEED more gemstones but, know...
We got there around 12:30 and I began by going up and down each row just scanning to see what was available.
There are sooooo many tables and I usually end up spending about 2+ hours at the show.
What I love about Rings & Things (besides the wholesale show prices) is that each strand has a tag telling you what the item is, if it's dyed, its quality and where it originated from.
Loved this table of metal beads!  I found a few goodies on it that I had to have.
Pearls in an array of colors.
It can be overwhelming with all the choices so I usually just put whatever I like into my tray and sort through it at the end.  I sit down with my calculator and add up the cost and then begin culling until I have a selection (and price range) I'm happy with.
Here are the beads my mom purchased (I convinced her to buy, teehee).
Yummy gems I purchased.  I had to cull a lot to get down to this.
Some multi-color hemp and watch parts came home with me as well.

If you have never been to a Rings & Things trunk show it's a great opportunity to stock up on stones.  Check their show schedule to see if they will be coming to a city near you!

Diana P.
Suburban Girl Studio


  1. That was awesome to hear about! I will have to check to see if they come here.

  2. You only spend 2 hours there??? I am impressed! :) Lovely finds, indeed! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for mentioning that R&T puts tags on the gemstones indicating all that info. I've only been to a local semi-annual gem show and none of the vendors have the strands marked. I hate that! I'll be sure to check out R&T when they're in my area. What fun! Well, expensive fun!

  4. I am giddy just seeing your pics, Diana... I could never be trusted to attend in person and not become completely deranged!

  5. Drool worthy pictures of lots of yummy beads. I like that they tag them all that way and I bet it is a chore to do. Also, I LOVE those green beads you purchased and I can't wait to see what you do with them!

  6. I used to go to R&T all the time, but somehow I haven't for a few years...This inspired me to start going again. Great loot!

  7. Thanks for this unbiased report! They come to WNY every now and again, which would be a 5 hr or so drive for me, and I've often thought about going but just never got there for whatever reason. I particularly appreciate your pics of what the show looks like overall. Two things here would stop me: 1) HATE the shows that toss mixed up stuff in bins like that; I would be the first to tell you I'm not long on patience~and if I wanted to go to Goodwill and spend hours searching through crap to find a gem, I would be there. And 2) Am I the only one that can NOT spend hours bending over tables that are at my waist height or lower? I have a bad back, and about 15 minutes of that and it's done. I do realize this is the norm, but I don't understand WHY...if they would just raise the tables about 18" it would be so much more comfortable for everyone concerned.
    Sorry for the rant LOL!! I'm really not that negative usually...but you apparently hit my pet peeves!
    Thanks again for the information!

  8. You are a doubly lucky girl..beads and spending the day with your Mom! Oh snd I love the multi-color hemp.

  9. Have never been to an R&T show, but heard great things - thanks for the photos! I signed up to be notified when they are next in my area.

  10. I went to a RnT show this pass spring, and fell in love. Actually just wanted to move in, but they said no. Thanks for the great pics.

  11. That was awesome to hear about! I will have to check to see if they come here.

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