Monday, September 10, 2012

Mismatched Art Bead Earring Swap Info & Sign-up's!

It's time for another swap!  This time we will be adding a twist to the Art Bead Earring Swap by making it a Mismatched Art Bead Earring Swap!
Please read ALL the information below!
About the swap:
  • Participants will be randomly assigned a swap partner and will create one pair of mismatched art bead earrings for them.  Each earring must contain at least one art bead (If you need clarification on art beads, please visit Art Bead Scene).
  • Participants will ask their partners if they have any metal allergies before creating their earrings.  If you can only wear gold, then this is probably not the swap for you.
  • Participants may tell their partner if they are "allergic" to any specific colors but may not dictate what color, theme or length they want them to be.  This is a surprise-style swap.  
  • If you need a little assistance on making mismatched earrings, then visit my Art Jewelry Elements post here.
To participate:
  • You  must have an active blog.  (This means you post on it at least a couple times a month.)
  • You must live in the US, UK or Canada.  (Australian participants will be organzing their own in-house swap and I will provide their list of participants when sign-up's close. If you live in Australia and want to participate, please email me and I will put you in touch with the proper people.)
  • EMAIL your full name, email address, blog address and country to  (Failure to EMAIL this information will mean you are not included in the swap.  Sorry, but this way I know you've read the rules.)
  • Sign-up's are open until September 14th.
  • Your partners will be assigned to you on September 15th/16th via email.
  • Earrings must be in the mail by no later than September 29th.
  • We will reveal what our partners created for us on our blogs on October 16th.
Have fun with this swap! 


  1. What a fun swap!! It's a pity it is not open to participants from Europe as well :-(

    1. Sorry, it's really hard with shipping times and problems with shipping to certain countries. In the future, you can always contact me about running an in-house version similar to what our Australian friends are doing this time around.

  2. I'm in! Emailing you in a moment. I need to work on nat making everything matchy-matchy, so this is perfect! :)

  3. Oh I'd love to participate but I won't be able to get earrings out in time. Next time for sure. I look forward to seeing what everybody does!


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